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Can I take a payment holiday?

Yes, you can now defer your payments for up to 3 months if you are having temporary difficulty as a result of Coronavirus. We now offer an online Payment Deferral process from Monday 27 April 2020.

During a Payment Deferral customers will not be required to make payments for one, two or three months and the length of their finance agreement (known as ‘term’) will be extended by the same period, up to three months. As you will take longer to pay back the amount borrowed, there will be additional interest to pay.

For more information on Payment Deferral and to apply please click here.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or are concerned about the financial impacts of COVID-19, the following not-for-profit organisations also provide free, confidential and impartial debt advice and support:

Citizens Advice –

National Debtline –

Money Advice Service –

Click here for our Coronavirus update.

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